“This summer I had the extreme pleasure to work with Affordable Image. After struggling the last few years with an awkward vertical logo, I knew in order to take Fasheners to the next level, I had to invest in a redesign.

As I walked into Affordable Image’s retro-inspired office, it was as if I was walking into Mad Men’s Sterling, Cooper, Draper Pryce’s advertising agency (less the smoking and drinking). I met with Desra and was introduced to Tricia the graphic designer who was going to work on my logo. Tricia shared that she was overjoyed to do my logo & had some great ideas for my logo. I left feeling completely at rest and confident that they understood my vision and the direction I wanted to go (even though I had no clue).

A few weeks later, I had a follow-up meeting with Desra and Tricia to go over the three designs and the tag line they came up with for me. I was very nervous because I really wanted my logo to be perfect, but I just didn’t know what that meant in print. Tricia held the proofs in her hand, hiding them from my eyes. She wanted to walk me through her process on how she was inspired by McCall’s vintage patterns & created the logo you now see above. I felt as if I was taken back in time, when my mother used to take me to Hancock Fabrics to pick out patterns for my cabbage patch kid doll to make her custom dresses. Tricia continued with her concept and how she came up with the tag line “The fashionable fix”. It’s simple and to the point. Exactly what I wanted without knowing that’s what I wanted. I was extremely impressed. Not only because I learned so much about their process but the invested time, energy and talent to give me a logo that is extremely special. I can really appreciate their thought-process and it makes my logo even that much more special. Initially, I just wanted a new text-logo. Something that looked retro & modern, and that had a message.

What resulted far exceeded my expectations.

After getting the logo designed, I ended up working with Desra and Tricia all summer long in developing new marketing materials. From rack cards, product cards & business cards, everything now looks uniform and professional! I especially love my circular business cards! They are so unique & stand out from the traditional rectangular ones. They look like a giant polka-dot!

Thank you Affordable Image, and a special thank you to my new Chica-friends, Desra and Tricia for being so wonderful to work with and creating marketing materials that will help me take my business to the next level!”

– Mina Hernandez, Owner