Company History

How the heck did we get here?

There is an old business adage: Cheap, Fast or Good – pick any two. You can have a quality product and superior customer service but you usually pay for it. Or you can have a great price and service, but usually get an inferior product. Or you can a quality product at a great price but the service is so poor that you dread going there.

Starting in 1996 at a humble kitchen table with 3 friends discussing their fates, a crazy idea came to one of them. What if they gave a quality product at a great price while maintaining superior customer service? Coming from their business experience, they knew that most businesses needed marketing, but usually couldn’t afford it. Or they had some marketing but it looked like it came out of the home printer, hindering their business growth due to a lack of professionalism. Affordable Image was born with the small business in mind, with the goal of seeing each of them succeed and look like a Fortune 500 company.

Taking a formula that really isn’t Business 101, Affordable Image’s CEO Mike Shoun grew the company as a family. Treating each employee as a part of the legacy. You will find the comforts of home if you visit the dog friendly establishment. Fun and games is a part of the daily atmosphere where you will find that everyone values each other and knows that their clients are the most important aspect of their jobs.

Over the years Affordable Image has seen incredible growth and has touched over 3000 businesses in some shape or form. As with the rest of the country, she took her hits with the economic downturn but rose back stronger and even more determined. Because of the solid foundation and core people, Affordable Image has remained an integral part of building businesses across the United States and continues to this day to make an impact on her clients. The team at Affordable Image is proud to see their hard work give small businesses the success that they have been looking for.

Through the years…