Brand Analysis — Are you one of those people who uses one look for your business cards, a different look for your ads, and another for your website? Affordable Image will look at all of the items you use to communicate your goods and services to the masses and determine what’s working and what’s not working. We can help you create the best look for your marketing needs.

Brand Building — Once the corporate identity is established, the brand can be built. Think of the brand as the foundation of a business. You communicate your brand with everything you use in your business: websites, brochures, presentation folders, ads for print and web, stationary, signage and anything else that promotes your name.

Business Cards — More than just a calling card, a business card serves many different purposes. A business card is a mini billboard that promotes you and your company, an inexpensive tool to communicate your business. Here’s a tip: Use the back side of your business card for notes, appointment dates and times, or as a coupon for special offers.

Corporate Identity — A corporate identity is the persona of a corporation. Once the identity is developed, a brand can be created.

Envelopes — Envelopes are part of the brand. Used for sending out statements, letters or any type of correspondence through the mail. Envelopes are available in many different sizes, paper stocks and colors.

Letterhead — Part of the brand, letterhead is used in corporate correspondence and is a necessity in business. Letterhead is available in many colors and paper stocks and generally has the company logo and contact information listed.

Logo — A well designed logo is one of the best investments you can make in establishing the image of your company. Most people are not aware of all of the elements that go into developing a logo concept. Maybe your brother, cousin, sister or friend of a friend has a knack for drawing, or you could find some stock art on the internet, but will it translate accurately across all forms of marketing and in all sizes? Will it be memorable? Will it convey the message you want? Will it reflect professionalism?

Name Development — What’s in a name? Research shows that a name needs to be easy to pronounce and recall, and to evoke a positive emotional response from your target audience. Naming is not about what you or your partner or your spouse think the name should be; it’s about having a name that will generate the most business and stand the test of time. The experts at Affordable Image understand the science and art of naming a business. We’ll do the research and help you find a name that fits like a glove.

Packaging — The aesthetics of packaging your product plays a surprisingly major role in whether or not a consumer will want to purchase your goods. In the marketing book The Brand Gap, author Marty Neumeier reminds us that “A retail package is the last and best chance to make a sale.” Functionality, design and cost are all factors to consider when developing product packaging.

Tagline — What is a tagline and why is this important? A tagline is a sentence or phrase, a “catch phrase,” that sums up the message and encourages the customer to use the product or service — those used out of context are the most successful. When you hear “Just do it,” you think of Nike. “Don’t leave home without it” makes you remember American Express. Taglines enhance and strengthen a brand image.


Imprinting — Imprinting is the automated printing of an address, postage and postal barcode directly on the mailing portion of the direct mail piece.

Insert — When additional items need to be included with the original mailing, the pieces need to be either inserted by hand or by machine, depending on the type of material is being inserted.

Mailing List — This is the list that your mailing will be sent out to. Mailing lists can be either generated from your own database or can be purchased based on your demographics. Generic lists are usually pulls from the point of your location out in a radius of 5-10 miles or a certain number of closest households or businesses. Specialty lists can be purchased but are more targeted by age, income, education, interests or lifestyle.

Post Office Prep — The mailing house will download and verify the mailing list and do the sealing, imprinting, sorting and bundling of the direct mail pieces. The mail is now ready for delivery to the U.S.P.S.

Tab — When a piece needs to be closed to mail it, the bindery or direct mail house will place wafer tabs (they look like round stickers) to seal the ends of the closure and make sure that any items inserted will not fall out. Postal regulations are very specific as to size and placement of tabs.


Banners — Banners come in many different sizes, materials and forms, depending on the usage. Do you need an indoor or outdoor banner? Does it need to hang on a wall or be freestanding? If it’s an outdoor banner, does it need to be able to withstand wind, or will it be in the sun? Many different factors play in the selection of banner size, shape, material, design and message. A good banner will be readable from a distance, have a clear message and appeal to your target customer.

Billboards — If you have a large marketing budget, a billboard ad is your opportunity to communicate your message to a large number of people, and many of them multiple times. You only have about six seconds to make an impact on people driving by. A billboard is not a giant poster — a well designed billboard will have just five or six simple, memorable words that are visible from a distance. People will not remember more words, phone numbers or web addresses on a billboard, so don’t waste the space. Do something eye-catching and memorable.

Brochure — Brochures are one of the best sales tools a business can have. Having an impactful brochure is an extension of your sales or customer service team as they work for you 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year (for virtually pennies!) A well designed brochure will help answer questions, entice and inform a client to use your services, give an impression of what your business looks like, stands for and the brand message.

Coupons — Who doesn’t love a deal? There are TV shows dedicated to showing how to extreme coupon. The key is finding the right deal that makes sense for your business and for your customers. Where can you use coupons in your business? Lots of places! On your website, on a direct mail piece, in your brochure, on the back of your business card – the possibilities are endless.

Flyers — To some it’s just a piece of paper but for marketing purposes, flyers are a mouthpiece of information. Flyers can come in many different shapes, sizes, paper choices and colors. Flyers can be turned into brochures, can be used as forms, promote an event, be used in report; the possibilities are endless. Flyers are an inexpensive marketing tool that all businesses need and should use.

Forms — Every office needs paperwork to run their business. What you need to convey to your client is professionalism. The best way to do that is to make sure that your forms are uniform in nature; all forms should have your logo placed on the document, no misspellings, clean design and can translate easily from print to electronic.

Mini Flyers — For those people on a budget a mini flyer may be a great option. A mini flyers is usually a quarter sized flyer (4.25×5.5), single or double sided and is great for coupons, event handouts or statement stuffer.

Postcards — Postcards are used in mailing campaigns, appointment or event reminders. Postcards are available in many different sizes, paper stocks and are not just for mailing. Postcards can be used as handouts, coupons or a variety different promotional uses.

Posters — Posters are not only a great decoration for your home or office but it’s a great sales tool to communicate news, specials or events. Posters come in different sizes and paper stocks. They also can be used in presentations, tradeshows and events.

Presentation Folders — So you have all these different marketing tools, so now what? To give a stellar impression when giving information about your company a presentation folder is a great piece to have. A presentation folder is a marketing piece that people hang on to. They keep all of the important documents, information and collateral about your company in this piece. Presentation Folders come in a variety of paper selections and sizes.

Report Layout — When you want to make an impression to clients, vendors or corporate members, a professional looking report is an important element of any presentation. Examples can range from financial to fiscal to forecasting, the professionals at Affordable Image can help design a report that can translate from paper to screen.

Signs — Have you ever driven past a place and had no clue what is was? Was it because they had no signage or the sign was generic that had one word, like Dentists, Nails or Dry Cleaning? How frustrating to the consumers when they are trying to find a business and there is no signage. Let your customers know where you are by getting a sign or hanging a banner, putting out an A-Frame Sign to let people know you are in business.

Table Tents — A must in restaurants, table tents offer people that visit your place of business on different promotional offers, services or information on your company. These can be stand alone or place in holder stands.

Trade Show Collateral — If you have attended trade shows in the past or are thinking about exhibiting in a trade show, there are many pieces needed to make a good impression and stand out among the others. Collateral (what you hand out) can either make or break a vendor, it’s important to take time and plan out what you need to bring to your booth. Get the essentials (business cards, brochures, postcards, flyers, banners, signage, tabelcloths, etc.) and work out a promotional giveaway that makes sense for your company (pens, notepads, shirts, bags, pins, stickers, mugs, etc.). People love getting promo items and what better way to get your name out there by putting it on an item they will use on a regular basis. Affordable Image can help you plan, design and produce the items you need for your trade show. Give us a call today to get started.

Window Clings — Sometimes locations have restrictions on signs and banners but a great way to utilize the window space for marketing is window clings. Window Clings come in many shapes and sizes, are made of a vinyl material and can be used to promote a variety of services, products and information about your business.