We know the process can be overwhelming and time-consuming, so we’ll be with you at every step.

1. Defining the goal.

This simple concept is critical to campaign success but is often misunderstood. The goal is not to mail a postcard or make a certain number of sales calls. The goal is the end result, such as bringing in new customers or patients, increasing revenue, or getting sign-ups for your e-newsletter.

2. Conducting targeted market research.

Your research should help you determine which features and benefits will be most appealing to your target audience. But people don’t want to be “sold,” so just as important is gaining an understanding of their needs and wants and making an emotional connection with them.

3. Developing a detailed plan and executing it completely.

What you want your target market to do, which communication vehicles you’ll use, and how you and your staff will handle the responses are just a few of the many details needed to develop an effective plan. Once your plan is ready to launch, you must follow through on every step of the plan to achieve your goals.

4. Creating branded marketing collateral with consistent messaging to support the goal.

Successful campaigns recognize the need to use more than one tool. Websites, social media, brochures, postcards, email, radio, TV — every sales tool must convey the same brand identity and message to be consistent with the goal.

5. Gathering and analyzing campaign data.

A marketing campaign without data is like playing the lottery. Do you really have the time and money to continue investing in a marketing campaign without knowing the short- and long-term value of the campaign? The right data can help you adjust your campaign tactics to get the best value for your marketing dollars.

Sending a cohesive message across a variety of media to your target market assures that your marketing campaign can positively impact the growth of your business. As businessman and author Mark Twain once declared: “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”

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