Brian Powell

Vice President of Online Marketing

Brian started at Affordable Image 8 years ago. Initially working in pre-production, he quickly grew through the ranks to the head of IT and then into his real passion, web development.

Since early childhood he has loved the computer, often excelling in computer classes. Being self taught, at the age of 13 he started learning code and creating websites.

When developing a client’s website, Brian leads his team to give the best they have to build the cleanest and most optimized site. Working back and forth with the design team they give the client an amazing digital presence that is essential in this day and age.

Internally, Brian develops systems and new products to make Affordable Image more efficient and to offer more services to our clients. He also maintains the computers and servers, as well as the never ending battle to keep the internet up.

When he isn’t in front of a keyboard he is on his bike roaming the streets of downtown Phoenix or taking care of his new puppy, Pixel.

“I’m constantly faced with new challenges. The designers always want some new piece of functionality to make the clients website stand out. I’m up for that challenge. It keeps it exciting!”