Mike Shoun


Founder and CEO Mike Shoun was born an entrepreneur. From a small child his dreams were about working in the business world. He started many small companies not only for himself, but for others. His insight into what the next upcoming thing has been one of the secret sauces of Affordable Image.

Giving the last 18 years to Affordable Image, he has seen her grow from 3 employees to over 25. Even in the worst economy Mike has kept his eye on the ball and Affordable Image growing.

A businessman by nature and a thrill seeker by choice, he loves the outdoors and anything that gets the adrenalin running. You will find him climbing a mountain one day and riding ATVs in the desert the next. Mike shares his passions and toys with anyone who wants to play!

Family is important to Mike, and from the beginning he set up his business to be family owned and ran. If you are an employee of Affordable Image, you are family. With family being first, you can be assured that you are taken care of. Mike’s kindness can get the best of him, but he believes that giving is what makes the world a happy place.

Mike has many talents and being a musician is one. He can play the guitar like no other. He will say he is rusty, but that is being modest. He has been in many Christian bands and has recorded albums when not busy with work. He puts God first and everything else second.

Growing up in Arizona and as an alumni of Arizona State University, Mike loves his state and is proud to make Affordable Image his home.