Tricia PIÑA


Tricia has been with Affordable Image for nearly ten years, starting as a graphic designer and moving into the role of Art Director for the last eight. Her love of art started early in her life and as a freshman in high school she started taking classes focused heavily in art, photography, and graphic design. She attended the Art Institute of Phoenix, graduating with highest honors and winning both the Student and Faculty Awards for Best Portfolio.

When working with a client, Tricia is passionate about truly understanding the motivation and desired goals of that client before committing to any design elements. She is known for asking a multitude of questions so that she can ensure that the product put forward will not only reflect the feeling and design aesthetic of the client but also speak to their target demographic. A perfectionist by nature, she takes these high standards and works with her team to create an atmosphere of creativity with an underlying desire to create the best campaign possible.

Tricia spent most of her formative years in Kenya and uses her international experience to tap into a multitude of design styles and inspirations. Her husband, Jeff, is a comic book writer and illustrator so there is no aspect of her life is which art does not play a major role. At home, Tricia stays busy with her photography and sewing, not to mention getting lost in a good book.

“I love diving into a project and really hearing the emotion that needs to be conveyed through design. My favorite part of the job is taking a theory, a feeling, and turning it into something tangible and real that exceeds the client’s expectations.”