Your Success Plan

Affordable Image believes that the way to stay in business for tomorrow is to treasure the customer today by giving them the best service possible. We started with a one-line phone, a kitchen table and three people, giving our customers outstanding service and going beyond the call of duty. Over the years as Affordable Image has grown, and with the advantages of technology, we have found ways to better serve our customers.

We take your business seriously and know that by serving you, we both grow. This business philosophy is what makes Affordable Image different. You have many companies to choose from regarding your marketing needs, but how many of those companies really care if you’re in business tomorrow? Do they take the time to help you understand your marketing demographics or do you just have to figure it out yourself? Do they help you understand all the choices you have when planning your marketing campaigns? Will they go the extra mile to make you successful?

Our goal is for you to have time to manage your business while we help you grow it. With all of the Marketing Solution choices at Affordable Image, we can tailor a program to meet your business needs. Our talented staff works hard for you. We’re dedicated. We’re convenient. We’re priced competitively. As a result of our commitment to product quality, customer service and creativity, we have won the hearts and minds of many new customers.

Since 1996, we have worked to perfect a flexible marketing system that is ideal for your practice and lifestyle. Our automated marketing programs help you bring your practice to the level it needs to be without adding to your everyday workload. We do the work for you!

Our success comes not only from the talent and experience of our team, but also from our corporate culture of customer care. We treat people the way we want to be treated. We know that success comes from doing great work and developing honest relationships with clients. You’ll find a positive difference at Affordable Image.