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Redesigning Your Website for Success

Why should I redesign my website?
We live in a time where things are changing left and right, and technology is advancing at a faster rate than any other time throughout history. With so many changes and updates, it’s important to keep your digital presence current.

Google wants to provide the best user experience possible.
The Google Search Engine performs over 500 updates every year. These updates can be anything from small algorithm updates to major rank changing factors such as the Mobile First Indexing and speed updates. When considering the numerous updates performed each year, it’s important to remember why Google exists. The sole purpose of Google is to provide the best possible user experience; Google wants to rank websites and brands to tailor the user’s search results. If the people searching in your area are looking for local services, Google will display results that include websites designed for both user experience and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google wants websites that are built using the best website building practices and that offer unique, high quality content for their visitors.

A website is the foundation for your digital marketing success.
Do I really need to rebuild my website if I just built it a few years ago? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer for this question. There are several important factors that must be considered when you build (or rebuild) a website, as your website will serve as the backbone and foundation of your digital marketing efforts. Was your website built with the best website-building practices in mind? Is your website easy to use on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices? Is the content on your website written with a friendly font that is easily readable? Do you truly own your website? These are several user experience questions you should ask when analyzing your website.

A website rebuild can be your best friend, or your worst nightmare.
When it comes to website optimization and SEO, your website is at the center of it all. If you decide to redesign your website, do your research before choosing a marketing agency or website developer. If you have been performing SEO on your website, and your new website is not built properly, you can end up destroying all the hard work that you performed to have your website ranked competitively in your area. There are several important factors when it comes to a website rebuild if you want to avoid an SEO Disaster. Avoiding this disaster is why you should make sure the company rebuilding your website is experienced and addresses these concerns with you prior to the rebuild.

Consistency and quality are critical for success.
From professional athletes to digital marketers, there are two essential elements that will determine your success or failure. Those elements are Consistency and Quality. Consistency and quality are essential in obtaining and maintaining your success.

Ask yourself the following question: What determines the success of a team or business? The answer is simple: Consistent, high-quality content that shows you are genuine and professional. Dedication, faith and confidence in yourself and your team will show anybody who is watching that you have the skills to make a difference in whatever field you are competing in. You must be able to consistently perform and provide quality content that gets results. Your website is no different. Your website is your most effective resource when it comes to competing in the digital realm.

Why is this important for my industry?
Nowadays, consumers are researching companies more and more in-depth before contacting the business. Reviews hold more weight than they have ever held in the past regarding digital marketing. Consumers desire a positive, unique experience with your brand on the internet. An up-to-date website that provides unique, quality content can not only increase your website visitors each month, it can also increase your return visitors.

A properly built website will have your marketing teams working together. Your design team should be working with your SEO team, website administration team and social media marketing team to have everyone operating on the same level. With a website rebuild, it is important that each team member of your marketing agency is working towards the same goal – obtaining more visitors to your website and turning them into patients for your practice!

– Mike Shoun, President and CEO

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