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Marketing Budget

Your Dental Marketing Budget

With the end of every year, comes the time when budgets should be created. A successful practice knows how they did this year, what they will be doing next year and the goal for the next five years. Those who prepare have success on their side. These forward-thinking doctors know what…

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Branding Iron

BRANDING: Lesson Learned

Rancher Smith had a new bride and new piece of land. He took what little he had and invested in a small herd of cattle. He took pride in his accomplishment. He was now able to provide for his wife. Along came spring and not only did his herd grow,…

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Website Content

Developing Content for Your Website

One of the most common requests we receive from doctors is for a website with “super clean homepage design without clutter or too many words”. While it might sound easy, this is often the hardest thing for us to do. Doctors also want their new website to rank high in the search…

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Logo Design

Logo Design Basics – Making Your Logo Work for You

A logo is the visual that people remember about a company. The right logo can connect with our memories or interests and cause us to stop and look at it. A logo triggers an instant visual impression of your practice, representing the brand and marketing message you want to send. A…

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Be Consistent

Marketing Consistency – the Foundation for Marketing Success

A dental practice, just like any other business, must create and implement a marketing plan to achieve long-term business success. And a successful marketing plan requires consistency. Consistency in marketing moves a business’ product or service into the category of “familiar, trustworthy, and a safe bet.” Marketing consistency includes harmony…

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Budget Calculator

Marketing When the Budget Doesn’t Seem to Exist

Starting a practice has its high and low moments. The journey you embark on from the moment you choose dentistry to the day you open the doors of your first practice can be ever so rewarding. The process entails many important decisions, from location to equipment to staff. But in…

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Website Design Mobile

Redesigning Your Website for Success

Why should I redesign my website? We live in a time where things are changing left and right, and technology is advancing at a faster rate than any other time throughout history. With so many changes and updates, it’s important to keep your digital presence current. Google wants to provide…

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Whats Next

The Newest Marketing Fad

We live in a world where we think we need to please everyone. However, when it comes to marketing, we really only need to please the target market. As a marketing company, we see fads come and go, and dollars wasted in chasing what someone says is the right thing…

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Dental treatment chair

Patient Referrals: Don’t Forget To Ask For Them

In my experience working with dental practices, I’ve seen a trend where the focus is too concentrated on trying to bring in new customers through external marketing efforts, that it’s forgotten how powerful a tool it can be to simply ask your patients for referrals, and it’s [FREE]. So here’s…

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Opus Branding Materials

Creating Your Unique Brand Identity

Herman Melville wrote, “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” Now, as a business owner establishing your brand, you would object to this sentiment and rightly so. When creating your unique marketing brand, it must succeed. Failure is not an option, and it is tempting…

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