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PPE Challenges

Leadership Through Crisis Series: The Shape of Things to Come

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marketing communication

Marketing is More Than a Message

Now that 2020 is half over, life is vastly different than what we thought when ringing in the new year. How we connect and communicate has gone through the most changes as we social distance, technology has made some things easier, some more challenging. As technology progresses, so must our…

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Dental Nachos Image

Dr. Nacho talks to Mike Shoun from Affordable Image about video marketing

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Video Marketing Concept

Video! Video! Video!

I have done several articles recently about the importance of video in your marketing. With the impact of COVID-19, the need for Video Marketing is now more important than ever, and is no longer an option. Think about SEO 5 years ago. The market and the world changed, and SEO is now…

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Staying Connected

Marketing Your Practice in an Unprecedented Time – Staying Connected to your Patients during Social Distancing

In almost 25 years of marketing, our marketing company has seen the best and worst economies of all our lifetimes. What we are seeing now is certainly unprecedented. We could have never imagined the place that we are all living in during the COVID-19 Social Distancing orders, and it’s not…

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Chatbot On Website

Patient Care Doesn’t Start at The First Visit

Welcome to 2020!  It’s time to consider how you can effectively engage and effectively provide patient care to current and potential patients outside of the office. With your current and potential patients consuming video content on a regular basis and needing a faster reply to their questions and concerns, you…

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2020 New Year concept with man using a laptop

Three marketing strategies for small businesses to focus on in 2020

What we used to see in the Jetsons and futuristic movies is swiftly becoming our day-to-day reality. “Each business is a victim of Digital Darwinism, the evolution of consumer behavior when society and technology evolve faster than the ability to exploit it. Digital Darwinism does not discriminate. Every business is…

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Consistency Is Key

Why is Consistency So Essential in Marketing and Business?

For the most part, if you are consistent in business, you will grow and succeed where others fail. Consistency does not mean self-reliance, however. The most effective businesses and dental practices have a few things in common with each other. First and foremost, successful business owners know their strengths and…

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Dalia Lopez Digital Strategist | Is a Photo Release Document necessary?

I’m not on Facebook. How do I get to my business Facebook page?

How do I access my business Facebook page? This could be one of the most common questions clients ask me.  The short answer is…before you can claim that you own a business, Facebook wants to know you’re a real-live human being. You can’t create a business page from scratch. It…

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Online Engagement

How can I build engagement with my patients?

In business, it’s important to take a look at growing trends on what your patients are doing before they ever call your practice, or schedule an appointment.  One of the biggest, and most important trends over the last 5 years is a sharp increase in your future and current patients…

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Ingrid Snow

When should I start planning my holiday marketing?

This is a great question. And to all my overachievers I would say to start planning the previous January. However, I know this is not a reality for most business owners. But waiting until all the Halloween candy has been given out will have you scrambling to create and implement…

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Ask an Expert Tricia Pina

Golden Rules for Your Website Content (PART TWO)

Have you ever looked at your website and thought “I just don’t like this one part…” You’re not alone! Many business owners set out to build a website that appeals to them. Lovingly and with a virtual hug we say, “there’s more to this than if you like it”. In…

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Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing & How Does It Impact My Practice?

In the world of digital marketing, content marketing is one of the most effective methods of building trust and brand exposure. From Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to Online Advertising, the content you select is vital to the success of your marketing efforts. How Does Content Marketing Affect SEO? In order to get…

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Ask an Expert Tricia Pina

I just want a simple website, how much information do we really need?

This is a great question and one that our clients ask all the time. Whether it’s during our initial ‘get-to-know-you’ meeting or when they are reviewing their site, some clients wonder why we build a site with “so much information” or why we repeat information on different website pages. First,…

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Social Media Strategy

Video Marketing and Other Social Media Trends

Shhh…we have a secret for you…so, it seems this social media thing is here to stay and it’s kind of a big deal in marketing! Ok, we know that wasn’t a surprise! You obviously know that social media marketing is a powerful tool for expanding your reach and attracting new…

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